The Magic of Forgiveness in a bad/toxic relationship.

💟What exactly is forgiveness???

✔It is a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward a person or group who has harmed you, regardless of whether they actually deserve your forgiveness. .

💟Why should we forgive someone in a toxic relationship???

✔Forgiveness is an act which frees us from the hurt caused by someone else. It is not only feasible for the relationship but also for the person who is bearing the brunt of it.

Forgiveness does not mean to go and directly say “Sorry” to the person who is bothering you….it doesn’t have anything to do with that person ….its about your inner self and your awakening…Usually we all are in a soul slumber so we are unable to see things clearly as to why they are happening & what they are trying to teach us.

If we try to understand the depth of the process then we can know its importance.By becoming more conscious and aware we find out that we are not actually human beings having a spiritual journey infact we are spiritual beings having a human experience!!

That is why it is rightly said that ….
To err is human …
To forgive is divine.

What all experiences we are having in our human form are related to the journey of our spirit.It is the law of Karma which is working all the time for everyone & everytime, without fail.This law is also defined aptly as ….” What you sow, you shall reap .”

Being in a toxic relationship is again a part of our past karmas.We do not exactly know what we had done to get what we are getting in the present ,but definitely if we do not like it then we can work on changing it .
It is not necessary to keep living a bad life just because our past karmas were wrong in some way or the other!!!We cannot go back in time to fix our problems but what we can do is to definitely fix our present karmas so as to create a future which we like!!!!

Forgiveness is just the answer to this problem .

By forgiving the person(s)
Involved in the relationship we can cancel or negate the effects of our doings to that person in the past (life).This way when all past karma is cleared the person or situation will completely change in a matter of time,since there is no past a/c with that soul anymore.

Along with forgiving them is a very powerful tool of asking for forgiveness too in return!!! That way all karmas will be balanced.

This is a very powerful yet underrated tool to solving our problems with people and situations in life.The results are miraculous if done with a clear heart and pure intentions.

💌Summary of discussion…➡➡➡

🌷We are all spirits learning through our human experiences.

🌷We experience good / bad relationships due to our past karmas.

🌷We can change our present toxic relationships through forgiveness to create a better future .

🌷Forgiveness isn’t in physical form ….it is done spiritually.

🌷One should forgive as well as ask for forgiveness from the other soul.

🌷The process should be done with good & pure intentions.


I hope this article can help change someone’s life …This is a small way in which I am trying to give back to the universe for all the countless blessings it has given to me!!!

God bless & love to all💞

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