The importance of Self Acceptance

If we ask anyone they will unassumingly just say “Ofcourse I accept who I am the way I am !!!”

But do we really???

We just ACCEPT what we have been conditioned to think from our childhood days.Throughout our lives ;we live and think in terms of the parameters put up by others & lead a limited life.

We are always on the unending quest for achieving perfection in our work,studies,behaviour,goals,relationships etc.”Perfection” a term which has been created by those who never actually fully experienced life in its full bloom.

It is not wrong to live according to the “Perfect” norms if it gives you a sense of achievement and a purpose to your soul!!!

But does it really???!!!

We are under constant pressure as to how we should look to have a perfect figure,how early to marry ,how late to retire , how much percentage to get to be acclaimed intelligent & so on so forth….

The more we start measuring our self worth by others perspectives’ the more constricted our thoughts become.We are never able to come out of the vicious cycle of our actions– leading to reactions from others –then again our behaviour in response to those reactions.This never ending cycle creates unnecessary stress,judgement,anxiety,frustration,self pity,anger,resentment and so on .

If at this point we stop for a moment & and look inwards …towards the unlimited ocean of abundance present inside all of us and just realize that we are not only a creation but an extension of the “Source”.

The Source is “Perfect”…there are no flaws in his creations…we being one of them are also thus ,Perfect!!!

Mother nature, yet another creation of the ‘Source’ is perfect & harmonious with all its elements.

Not a single flower judges another flower as to why its fragrance is different from its own.The Moon & stars never compare each others size & light .All that there is,is harmony & Love .This Love permeates each creation as they only give endlessly without expecting anything in return.

No rivalry…no comparisons…


They just do what they have come to do on this Earth with their full potential.The best of what they can DO.


We being the most intelligent species fail to realise these simple facts of life .Why do we judge every situation , action or person?

For example,someone said something bad about us few years ago …that person doesn’t even remember what had happened .But we made a judgement that, that person is “bad” after that incident.Every time that person encounters us we straight away fall back to that incident & relive those moments again.

This behaviour creates blockages in our mind and ultimately restricts the flow of universal energy of life through us.

These blockages create havoc in our mind ,body ,soul & ultimately in the quality of our lives or a period of time.Due to them we are not able to progress fully as they become shackles which pull us back every time we move forward.

The easiest way to come out of this cycle is to see the world from the eyes of the Creator.Question yourself as how would HE see you or the people in your life/ situations.All you have to do is turn inwards & connect with your highest self .All you will see is “LOVE” 💟💟

Love yourself because YOU are perfect,because YOU are divine,bevause you are an extension of the “Source”.

See the people or situations in your World in this state of LOVE.You shall see the most precious things in your life which you have been missing out due to judgement,stress,anxiety ,comparisons,envy etc.

LOVE is self -acceptance ….

It is the ACCEPTANCE of life the way it is…without trying to change the behaviour or mindset of others…without judging yourself or others for their so called flaws.

Its a satisfied life lived by practising Detatchment…..


Let what is coming …COME

Let what is going ….GO

Do not attatch yourself to any OUTCOME !!

So just for one day do yourself a little favour….

Practise “Acceptance” .

Sit down & revise till your memory takes you back & just review all people & incidents which affected you in the past.You do not have to do anything …or explain anything.Just Accept it & move on.

Just let it be, “So it is”

Just after one day practise you will actually start feeling the lifting of burden from your conscience.

Beware …many things will start happening for the good!!!😇

If there is a major relationship problem which you have “Accepted” you can heal it through Forgiveness too to have quicker & fruitful results.

God bless all 💟

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