Why you shouldn’t “TRY” to apply the Law of Attraction!!

The L.O.A which is enticing a large number of people around the world is as big a boon as much a mystery.Many people are “Trying” to applyJio the L.O.A constantly without luck.

There are many other laws of the universe which exist along with this law like Law of Gravity,force,speed , light etc….but do we ever try to make those laws work???

No…we cannot because they are not dependent on us for their execution!!

If we throw a rock we know it will ultimately fall down as the law of gravity is working unfailingly.

Whether we know it,understand it or apply it or not it does not make any difference to the laws…they keep working in an unbiased manner with 100% accuracy everytime!

In quantum physics it has been proved that each thought has a vibrational energy to it & so it attracts more similar thoughts & events in correspondence to the frequency of that energy.

Once we keep “Trying ” to apply the LOA we unknowingly keep ourselves engaged in the Ifs & Buts of the whole process.Our mind is always occupied with thoughts as to whether we have applied it correctly or not,why it is taking so long to manifest how we can help to make the outcome faster & easier etc .

These thoughts are all sending a vibration of doubt,fear,urgency,need,scarcity etc to the Universe.Since the LOA works everytime so we inturn attract more reasons to feel the above emotions & feelings we are experiencing right now.

Since we become so bothered about the ‘Hows’ we ultimately create so much resistance in our own path to manifestation & in extreme cases leads to negative manifestation as our thoughts are fixated constantly on the negative & unfulfilled side .

The BEST way to avoid all this is to……Get out of the way & make room for the Universe to work in its own magical ways!!!

💟Tips to get manifest correctly & quickly…

✔ Just remember that whatever you ask for is Always Available!!!! The Universe has unlimited supplies & is always ready to bring them to you.

✔ Belief that what you are asking for is on the way!!

✔Keep taking inspired action to reach your goals.

✔ Release all stress ,anxiety be happy & cheerful.

✔Don’t fixate yourself on the ‘How’ but keep yourself focussed on the feelings the manifestation would bring to you.

2 thoughts on “Why you shouldn’t “TRY” to apply the Law of Attraction!!

  1. Vikas Kapoor

    Hello Maam,
    This is Vikas Kapoor.
    It is regarding my interest to learn & know about
    (Law of Attraction.)
    So was wondering, if U do any Workshops on the same.
    Look forward to hearing from U.
    Thanks & best regards
    Vikas Kapoor

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