Miracles of making Charity a way of life ๐Ÿ’–

Why is charity such a difficult part of life? People mostly have an innate desire to do charity and even try their level best to muster the courage to do something beyond themselves…but at the end of the day it becomes a far off event in their life ,which they conveniently write down in their wish list of tasks to be done later !!!

Generally we associate charity as an act which only the rich people can do or those who have the time & inclination for it.Due to this thought process we tend to somehow deviate from its actual meaning and relevance.

Charity is something which should be done as a natural progression of our own identity not as something done on a particular day,place or event .It should be a way of life wherein we can do something for someone out of generosity with no expectation in return .Doesn’t this definition just change the meaning of how & when it can be done??

When a person says a simple Thankyou to a rickshaw-puller ,those two words can change his entire day!!By paying him money in exchange for his service the transaction is completed .But by appreciating & respecting him we are adding value to his identity. It gives him a sense of worth and costs us nothing.

A sweet smile to the child of a hawker playing on the sidewalk , helping an old person cross the road,going out of the way to help someone who has fallen down or saying a few words of inspiration to someone who is stressed out ….

Don’t these come down to simple acts we perform out of generosity ,with no expectation of anything in return?But these little gestures can help bring value to someone’s life without us even knowing how much we have affected them .

Isn’t charity made into an EGO based event….who has the capability to donate more or who gave away more food to people…!!! Why should we compare something which is so simple & heartfelt according to standards set by others?

Infact by making charity a way of living we can raise our vibrations instantly.By shifting the focus from ‘Me’ – My problems,my lack of funds,my lack of time,my inability etc to what we can do for others our perspective in life changes immediately.This shift makes us more grateful for all that we have in comparison to others.It creates a sense of satisfaction & compassion in us.

We tend to become a better version of ourselves who is able to see & feel beyond ‘ME’ .Isn’t it the most wonderful feeling to be able to do something for someone even though they cannotย  repay you for that act, or whom you can affect in any positive way.

In most religions it is advocated to take out some fixed amount of your monthly income to help those in need.It should be not only a fixed part of income but of your TIME too.

Whatever has been given to us by the Divine we should be grateful for it & help those who are less fortunate & require some assistance. No one has has ever been left poor by contributing for the welfare of mankind .Infact the biggest contributors are the most successful human beings!!!

Not keeping that as the sole aim we should infact try to become the best version of our ownself & create a chain of people who are on the same mission so that the entire humanity can benefit!!

๐Ÿ˜‡Leave a comment to tell if this article has inspired you in any way or even if you have any charity ideas which can inspire others as well !!

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