How to overcome disbelief/doubts on the path to manifesting a new reality.

A major problem which people face while manifesting their dream life is that no matter how charged up they are about their dreams but still a little nudge in the back of their minds stops them from manifesting quickly….

And that is the DISBELIEF or DOUBT , that is it really possible or am I just fooling myself???

It is a major roadblock which many people are not able to overcome along their journey to creating the life they desire.

It is also the major reason why majority of people despite doing all the rituals of affirmations,vision boards ,visualization also fail in manifestation of the desired result.

The EGO self makes people feel that since it is a make believe scenario and nothing is visible in the tangible so it is not possible.It likes to create drama as it feeds on it.And unconscious people succumb to the whims of the EGO based mind.

This is the point where one has to become present in the NOW and realise that our consciousness can only sail us through this situation.

By being conscious and realising that TIME does not exist ….it is only in the NOW that we already have everything we need all we have to do is think of what we want ,get into the feeling of having it consistently and it will have no other choice but to come into our physical reality.

It is not a only matter of opinion of people who have manifested but a part of quantum physics too …it is a law as well as a part of scriptures of various religions .

What we can see in our minds eye ,we can hold in physical form in our hands.

So it is up to us that if we let the Ego take control over our minds or we become more Conscious of what we really want and inculcate the belief in ourselves to create the life we desire.

It has taken years of conditioning of our minds to NOT believe in ourselves…through the opinions of people,schools,instituitions,government etc .The enormous redundant data that has been stored in our sub conscious minds is actually ruling our lives.

It is not doing any good to us but still we are living on the auto pilot mode where the beliefs embedded in our sub conscious minds are ruling our thoughts and as a result our reality!!!

So to actually Change them consciously we have to condition our mind to believe the opposite,and that will obviously take time!!!

But people get disheartened when their mind is still thinking in the old patterns!!!

The only way to break the old patterns is through REPITITION !!!!

As they say “Even a lie told a 100 times starts to sound as the truth!!!”

So the only way to trick our mind into thinking the way we want it to is to keep repeating the desire as fulfilled in the present .

For eg ,I am so blessed to be healthy and energetic or I am grateful for my abundant and rich life!!!!

The statements which begin with “I am” have a direct impact on our mind as it is associated with the “self” .

Make the affirmations/statements as per your own comfort level ie which you can resonate with.The more believable they will be to you the more quickly your mind will respond.

Then keep changing them as per your new belief/ desire and soon you will see how easily you will start manifesting all your dreams into reality!!!!

Hope this article helped you !!!


Manpreet Kaur

(Mind Energizer)

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