The Working of your Mind has the secrets to your prosperity!

Human beings are the only creatures who have the power of imagination and that differentiates them from rest of the animal kingdom.

This power ,if used properly can help unleash the Power of their Mind ,to take control of their life & health.

It helps one to become a master of their life rather than a victim of their circumstances.Infact we all have the power to control our Fate and change it the way we want to!!!

The only thing that is stopping the majority of people from doing this is the lack of knowledge about the working of their Mind..

The Mind does not come with a user manual and that is why I ,Manpreet Kaur,Mind Energizer ™,have taken it up as a mission to impact maximum number of lives by bringing this knowledge to the forefront.

The Mind consists of 2 parts –a)The Conscious Mind

b)The Sub-Conscious Mind

The Conscious is the Creative mind,whereas Subconscious is the Habit mind .Both operate differently and when they do not work in harmony they become like 2 sons working for the same father but have no communication between them!

Our Conscious mind has only 5% of the power to control our thoughts (ie. imagination) whereas 95% are controlled by the subconscious mind.

So basically,the subconscious is running our lives on auto-pilot mode!

But WHO is running our Subconscious mind??

NO BODY !!!!

Yes,surprisingly !!!!

It is just running based on the programs installed in it during childhood till 7 years of age.And the bad part is that it is estimated that 70% of these programs are negative,self-sabotaging & dis empowering in nature.

So that explains that even though consciously

We want to be positive, we become negative…

We want to be peaceful,we become angry….

We want to lead a happy life,but get depressed…

As our subconscious kicks in on default mode & starts running our life with the negative progamming.

How to know what programs are installed in your mind???


Just take a look around at your life…

The things that you like ,and that come easily to you in your life, are there because you have a program that allows them to be there!!!

On the other hand,whatever parts you are struggling with in life are a clear reflection of the subconscious programs that do not suppport these areas and so do not allow them to enter your life easily!!

So if you’re trying to find a relationship, or you can never get into a relationship and you’re thinking it’s not in my fate to be in a relationship, then this is not true. It is because whatever programs your mother and father and family had about relationships is not supportive.

And the second reason is that you play these programs 95 percent of the time and you don’t see them, so that means at least 95 percent of the time you were sabotaging yourself and you don’t see it. And therefore you never understood why your relationships were not working.

So ,the first step to change your fate is to actually realize you have a recurring problem due to these programs!

Why is it necessary to realize that?

Because, these programs can be changed for the better!!!!

Yes!!!Your negative programs can be deleted & replaced with new empowering ones,that will make your life so easy ,that attracting all that you desire will become instantaneous and so simple that you won’t have to even lift a finger!!!

So how does being a Mind Energizer actually help in creating the perfect life….???

By the following steps—

1)First, it helps in the realization of the fact, that you may be struggling with repetitive dis – empowering patterns,in your life, due to your sub- conscious progamming .As they say realization is the first step towards healing.

2)Secondly,it helps in dis- empowering the negative programming & implanting new positive & desired programs in your mind to create the life you want.This is basically done in the most easiest ways which are:

a)Self Hypnosis :As during the first seven years in a child,the mind is operating in a low vibrational frequency like hypnosis. So that is one way of changing the programs.

b)Repetition :After you are seven you form habits by repeating something over and over and over again. Practicing, repeating, practicing.

An example: If you read a self-help book the conscious mind understands it, but the subconscious mind learns nothing from it, because you only read it once and this is not how it learns. If you repeat the message of the book over and over and over again and behave that way, then the subconscious mind will learn a new behaviour.

So it is about habituation, where you make a practice out of something, every day repeat it over and over again. So these are the two main ways, hypnosis, and habituation(repetition)

c)NLP : The third way is to use neuro progamming ,the Mind Energizer way!! It activates the brain to be in a state of superlearning. If you engage superlearning, you can rewrite subconscious programs in about 10 minutes. Something you have had your whole life can be rewritten in 10 minutes!This involves a bunch of different techniques, but they function all in about the same manner and give superb results. It pushes the record button of the subconscious mind so you can download new data very, very fast.

3)After deleting the negative disempowering programs it is necessary to create a new positive self image that supports your new programs.Since childhood we are taught to underestimate our own selves & through negative self- talk we tend to suffer from low self esteem & confidence and face problems in accepting good things in life.Learning Mind Energizer techniques like positive self talk,profound affirmations,superlearning techniques to create a belief in goals, increase in confidence as well as through self love help in creating a new self image.

4)Lastly, once our past & present have been sorted out we can work towards a better future.This is the most important part as once we have a goal or mission in life then even our body & mind respond accordingly.

If the future seems bleak then the 60 trillion cells in our body feel there is nothing to move forward towards in life & the end is near.That is when diseases start entering our body!!

So the best way to create a bright future is to energize your mind through the process of visualization (done in a specific way) for your goals.

This process once done effectively ,the Mind starts to believe that the visualized scene is your new reality and gets to work immediately using its infinite powers to bring it into existence.

So ,in essence “What the mind can conceive,it can achieve!!”

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Manpreet Kaur

(Mind Energizer™)

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